July 9, 2024

Strengthening Cyber Security in Construction

Strengthening Cyber Security in Construction

We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi, focusing on cyber security in the construction industry. This partnership highlights our commitment to leveraging academic expertise and cutting-edge research to address industry challenges.

This joint research paper, now published, details innovative solutions using Machine Learning. This study is essential for those interested in the future of construction and cyber security, offering insights into managing cyber risks effectively. ALEC's name can be found in the acknowledgments section of the report, reflecting our active involvement and support.

Key Insights

With the digitalization of construction projects, cyberattacks have become a growing concern. Our research identifies 32 critical risk factors tailored to the construction industry, grouped into categories like project information, structure, IT, OT, and management aspects. These factors enable a comprehensive and quantitative risk assessment approach, crucial for developing robust cyber security measures.

The ultimate goal is to incorporate these risk factors into a future cyber risk assessment model, to be implemented in web or mobile applications used by construction practitioners. This model aims to enhance predictive accuracy, objectivity, and consistency in evaluating cyber risks.

Moving Forward

This collaboration marks the third research paper jointly produced by ALEC and regional universities, with more projects in the pipeline. By integrating academic research with practical industry applications, ALEC continues to lead in innovation and security, ensuring the resilience and safety of our construction projects.

ūüĎČ Read the full report here:


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