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Innovative Construction Group

Synergizing Ideas and Partnerships

Open and Decentralized Innovation

By encouraging both internal and external collaboration we minimize risks and promote cost-effective solutions. This fosters a culture of creativity and collective problem-solving by leveraging diverse perspectives.

Partnerships and Industry Networking

A robust startup ecosystem, strategic partnerships, collaboration with digital companies, and academic institutions drive our innovation forward. By participating in industry events, ALEC engages with partners and academia, ensuring early adoption of industry breakthroughs.

Idea Lifecycle Management

The Bright Ideas platfrom enables idea lifecycle management. This system tracks and manages initiatives from conception to implementation ensuring seamless collaboration.

"Innovation should be a part of your DNA; We should never stop looking to improve and do things better."

Barry Lewis


"Our commitment to innovation drives us to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring continuous growth and excellence."

Imad Itani

Innovation Manager, ALEC

"Collaborating with ALEC has been a testament, especially to learn how knowledge sharing, and employee development can lead to groundbreaking advancements in the construction industry."

Mar Zumaquero Gomez

Head of Innovation, Arcadis