July 9, 2024

Modern Methods of Construction

Modern Methods of Construction

The use of modular fabrication offers several advantages over traditional construction methods. Improved coordination and reduced rework are achieved as multiple teams can work on a single module without coordination/design errors, unlike at construction sites. This leads to improved productivity and quality, as the controlled factory environment allows for the optimal use of workmen, resulting in predictable labour costs and superior workmanship. Additionally, construction sites require fewer amenities such as canteens, electricity, and toilets due to the reduced workforce. Project inventorisation and timelines are drastically improved because offsite modular fabrication is independent of site constraints, reducing activity sequencing dependencies.

Material utilization and wastage are better managed through efficient material ordering and reuse, significantly lowering waste. Lastly, safety and risk controls are enhanced as the project is completed in a controlled factory environment, reducing the risk of unsafe practices commonly found at construction sites, such as working at heights or in confined spaces.

In 2023, ALEC related business LINQ was among the first companies to receive a modular construction license and approval from Dubai municipality for the city’s first multi-storey (G+6) modular volumetric building system. For this project, the module chassis is fully manufactured off-site in the factory, including MEP services and architectural finishes, and subsequently installed on-site.

Offsite construction dramatically reduced building time. Moreover, units offer outstanding thermal insulation properties, dramatically reduce thermal energy loss in connective areas.

As one of the largest modular fabrication facilities in the GCC, LINQ operates six flow lanes throughout our main factory with each line accommodating modules up to 3.4 meters. Based in Dubai Industrial City, with a plot area of 31,000m2 and a manufacturing / buildup area of 10,500m2.

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